"Very reliable. Great PM abilities with supporting technical and business analyst skills. Very diverse skill set to bring to any team."

-- Origin Eight

“Elisabeth recently helped one of our clients with high-level analysis and requirements gathering for a complex RFP, collecting feedback from multiple stakeholders and steering the project to completion on a tight timeline. Elisabeth does excellent work and I definitely look forward to working with her on future projects."

-- Seth Orion Viebrock, CEO, Origin Eight

"I am pleased to recommend Elisabeth Garbeil of EFG Consulting, LLC.  We retained Elisabeth on several occasions to assist us in the programming and repair of our current database in Access, including, most recently, to produce additional reports needed by our current President. 

We have worked with Ms. Garbeil for almost a year now and have consistently been pleased with her performance in programming.  Her work is done in an extremely timely basis as well, often the same day.  She also has a keen ability to stay calm and give clear direction during the most stressful of situations, both over the phone and in person.

Lastly and possibly most importantly to a smaller scale non-profit organization such as ourselves, her rates seem very reasonable and fair in current industry standards."

-- Elizabeth Martel, Office Manager, NAAMA

"Attending this weight loss group changed my life. Through this group I lost 20 lbs and learned how to maintain the loss by better understanding my motivation and behavior.  It wasn't just the weight but I also learned how to manage other areas of my life as well. Liz facilitated our group eloquently listening to our concerns and promoting self discovery. My most valuable tool that I discovered is being intentional. Thank you Liz for the support and encouragement. And most of all for helping me find myself again."

-- Deborah Schiffer, Clinical Social Worker

"I've been on countless diets - sure they work for a time, but then I gain the weight back and then some. I've worked out with some great trainers, belonged to many fitness clubs, even completed a couple of boot camps - it isn't that I didn't KNOW I had to exercise, but still will power and knowing were not enough. It wasn't until I participated in Elisabeth Garbeil's Weight Loss Program that I learned the WHY behind my unhealthy habits and experienced a LIFE-CHANGING BREAKTHROUGH. Attitudes engrained since adolescence, well-intended but negative family members sabotaging my efforts, friends that really don't want you to succeed were replaced with accountability and emotional support, visualization and understanding positive motivations to follow through on my goals and understanding the WHY I never learned in other programs. I'm 1/3 the way to my goal of losing 40 pounds before my 40th birthday in just 12 weeks. Furthermore, I know I can achieve it. It's no longer a pipedream or the dieting see-saw for me. I even picked out a new nickname - Skinny D!"

-- Danielle Workman, Membership Manager, Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber

"While considering various alternative approaches for marketing my practice I happened to meet Elisabeth and become familiar with the Get Clients Now! program. The program is a common sense straight forward approach to marketing and very user friendly. I found Elisabeth to be extremely helpful. She was an excellent coach who helped me get over my resistance and fears of marketing which in turn allowed me to get the most out of the program."

-- Attorney, Bloomfield Hills

"I worked with Elisabeth on a marketing program for my law practice to organize my marketing efforts and increase their effectiveness. Elisabeth provided an outstanding framework to help prioritize my marketing efforts and articulate the goals of those efforts. Having Elisabeth as a partner in this effort held me accountable to meet the goals that I set and has prepared to continue to succeed moving forward. Overall, working with Elisabeth was both enjoyable and productive at a very reasonable cost."

-- Dan Serlin, Attorney, Serlin Trivax & Stearn

"I am a family law attorney who recently joined a new law firm that will allow me to develop my marketing and business development skills.  Part of my development has been working through the Get Clients Now! program with Elisabeth Garbeil.  The experience has been very positive for me. The Get Clients Now! program provides a good structure and it is very easy to use. Elisabeth was able to answer all my questions and also had contacts available. With Elisabeth's support and guidance, I was able to easily reach my goals and learned a lot about business development in the process."

-- John J. Schrot, Jr.   Attorney

"The journey back to ourselves is a difficult one, especially when you're at the point of devaluing yourself, your accomplishments, and your goals.  I felt like I was drowning and life offered little hope. For me, guidance, objectivity, tears, and a few pats on the back are all required along the way. These things are available from coach Elisabeth G.  I can't thank her enough for putting me on the right track and giving me a process for staying there.  My thinking shifted, I set my own goals, changed my language, and reached out to others for help with the confidence that my goals can be realized."

-- Angela Dodd, Director, Project Management, Powered By Action

"Coaching with Elisabeth has transformed my work and life immensely.  We began with the goal of bringing on more clients and through this uncovered areas of my life that were out of balance and were preventing me reaching my full potential.  Through the process I not only came up with a new more actionable marketing plan but was also able to build a new foundation of tools to help all of the facets of my life function better. Thanks for your help Elisabeth!!!!"

-- Rebecca, Financial Advisor

"As a seasoned lawyer who moved to a new business community (far from my career’s home base), I knew that I needed to jump-start my practice.  I needed to focus on identifying potential clients and referral networks quickly.  I needed to learn how to build a law firm while protecting the balance in my professional and personal life. 

Thank goodness for Elisabeth Garbeil!  I just completed the Get Clients Now! program with Elisabeth as my coach.  She did an outstanding job of providing tools, asking questions, offering different perspectives, and focusing my attention on what matters so I could exceed my goals. 

Past experience taught me that it takes a long time to plant the seeds of future business relationships, so I thought it would be unrealistic to receive work from new clients over the course of my first month.  How nice to be wrong!

I have already recommended Elisabeth to other lawyers and will continue to sing her praises.  Elisabeth is a wonderful resource who loves to help professionals thrive."

--Gail H. Straith, President of Straith Law

Elisabeth Garbeil is a committed listener and a productive coach. Her program put a structure around what I needed to do to increase my business.  She is a powerful accountability partner, an innovative communicator, and a great teacher of marketing. Thank you Elisabeth.

--Stacey Francis, D.C., HigherLevelHealthCare.com

"You can purchase the book, Get Clients Now!, read it, create your marketing plan and you will have greater success than what you are currently doing. OR you can purchase the book, Get Clients Now!, sign up for Elisabeth Garbeil’s Get Client’s Now Workshop, have her guide you through the process, pointing you in the right direction and working through any challenges that may arise thereby GUARANTEEING GREATER SUCCESS. It’s your choice, are you ready to reach your goals? It all starts with Elisabeth and the Get Clients Now! Program."

--Paige C. Lilienfeld, President, Ah! Toscana!

"I  have found her to be highly professional, knowledgeable and able to  communicate concepts in a very understandable manner.  Elisabeth's  coaching has provided me with a number of techinques which have been most  effective in connecting commitment to action-- a key factor in achieving  goals.  She taught me the importance and effectiveness of a simple but  consistent marketing plan for my professional practice, which was a dramatic  transformation from my scattered and disconnected approach."

--Attorney, Bloomfield Hills

"My recent one month course called "Get Clients Now", coached by Elisabeth Garbeil has made a significant impact on my 60-year family business. This course teaches a simple and easy 28-day formula that has contributed to increased sales, a better focus on where I needed to spend my time, money, and energy to accomplish it, and the personal coaching necessary to implement and follow up with a positive action plan! I feel that I have accomplished more in the past month than in the past year for moving my company in the right direction for a more efficient and effective sales boost, especially supportive in these difficult economic times! I have been selling for 35-years. Who says you can't teach an old salesperson new tricks?

I would highly recommend Elisabeth and Get Clients Now to anyone wanting to increase their sales, and improve their bottom line. "

--Douglas Dalton, Owner and Executive Sales, Dalton Commercial Cleaning Corporation

"Get Clients Now! allowed me to see just how easy creating and carrying out a marketing plan is. I was able to eliminate the intimidation around it and give up my story about not knowing what to do when it comes to marketing. Now I have a solid plan and a system for marketing my business."

--Sheila Hawkins, President, Third Eye Group

"Your training was excellent. The organization of the material and your delivery technique was easy to follow. Real life examples made the concepts abundantly clear. The combination of theory and practical application made the material very understandable. The value of ”Coaching Skills” is vastly more evident. The training re-enforced that fact that we need to work as a team to solve all challenges. Explaining ‘how to be curious’ and ‘the use of open ended questions’ have already been used and were demonstrated to be helpful. Finally, the tip to allow the client to offer a solution rather than the PM assuming or suggesting a solution has also already proven to be helpful. Thank you, Elisabeth, you gave us lots to think about and to use every day."

--Sheila Fisher, Financial and HCM Applications, Re:Sources IT

"After working with Elisabeth for less than 2 months, I have been able to lay out the framework and make progress on some very important goals. The technique Elisabeth uses for crafting goals is so helpful because now I not only have clearly defined goals, but I also have clear steps that will lead me to achieving them. She has also guided me toward deepening my happiness and peace of mind, which I can attest has already made a positive impact on my well being. Elisabeth puts a lot of time, thought and care into her coaching. Her ideas and input have been very instrumental in my being able to jump start several areas of my life that had gone stagnant. Elisabeth has a wonderful blend of pragmatism and spirituality, which is a tremendous bonus, as well!"

--Actress, NYC

"Elisabeth's advice has proven highly valuable to my business success. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to get ahead."

--Charles Gaba, Owner, Brainwrap Web Design