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Taking Responsibility for The Circumstances of Your Life

My friend Linda Anger came to my NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) group Wednesday and spoke about the power of perseverence.  It was a great talk and I really wanted to highlight one of the things she said.  It was a question that I think is critical:

"Are you willing to take 100% responsibility for the circumstances of your life?"

You wouldn't ordinarily expect a question like this from someone like Linda - she's talking partially about her experience with cancer.  So how could she be responsible for her cancer?  Most of us equate responsibility to blame or fault.  The cancer is not her fault, nor is she to blame for getting cancer.  NO ONE is ever to blame for getting cancer.  There are things like diet and lifestyle changes that you can do to improve your chances of preventing some types of cancer, but there are no guarantees. 

However, what about responsibility?   My answer to that is "YES!"   

Jack Canfield has a formula ("How to Build High Self-Esteem" & "The Success Principles")  that states that "E (event or circumstance) + R (response) = O (outcome or result)"     We can't change the event.   Last time I checked, the only place you can go back in time is your memory or a book.  There's no way to stop or change an event after it has happened.   So how do we change the outcome?

Responsibility is really the ability to respond to events (such as cancer) that happens.  That's where the word comes from after all.   Responsibility is the only way to we have to affect the outcome.  The more you are willing to take "response-ability", the more you can change the outcome.  Linda's outcome was great!  The treatment was successful and she looks wonderful. 

The more you want to focus on blame or fault, instead of what you can do to change the situation, the less you can do about it.  And that means your chances of getting the outcome you want go down.  

I'm not much for gambling with things I can't afford to lose, such as my health or business.   I'd rather focus on what I can do to change it.

How about you?

My Experience with the 7-Day Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise

You have all heard me talk about how important self-care is.  As a business owner or professional, your business depends on feeling good.  You won't get clients or achieve your goals if you have no energy and you feel lousy.     Well, one aspect of that is diet.  I am always looking for ways to improve my diet and maintain my health without huge expensive supplements, dangerous diets or treatments.   Well,  I hadn't looked at this one because it seemed to fall in the fad diets category, which are usually dangerous in the long term.  A friend told me to take a look at it, so I did.  And I tried it for a week.

The benefits of the diet, from what I can tell, are that it does reduce your sugar intake and it does encourage eating high-fiber carbohydrates, something that most high protein diets don't usually do.  If you follow his eating plan strictly, it is also fairly low calorie, so it makes sense that people would lose weight on  it.   I did indeed lose 3 pound in a week.   However, I got very sick from this diet the following week and did not lose a pound, even while still following the diet.   I typically eat a fairly low fat, high fiber, low animal protein diet, which this definitely was not.   I found that I actually ate much less fiber on this diet than I normally do.

There are 2 big concerns I have with this diet:  1)  A lot of the meals and recipes contain very high amounts of saturated fats such as half & half or heavy cream.   Saturated fats are usually not recommended for anyone in great quantity because of their contribution to heart disease.  You can be very thin and still have heart disease.   This is not a practice you would want to continue long term.    2) It discourages eating more than a little bit of fruits and many vegetables because of their sugar content.  I believe that this is not a good thing.  The kind of sugar found in fruits and vegetables,  fructose, is metabolized slowly and does not cause insulin spikes. Most fruits and vegetables are considered to be safe to eat for diabetics for this reason.  They are considered what is called low glycemic foods. (See the American Diabetic Association Website ).  The American Diabetic Association considers monitoring the total carbohydrates you eat more important in managing blood sugar, and thus insulin levels, than focusing on the type of carbohydrate.  Fruits and vegetables are also important in preventing and treating cancer as well as many other illnesses.

Jorge claimes that most belly fat is caused by eating too much sugar.  He doesn't distinguish what kind of sugars cause belly fat, but labels all sugars as bad.  It is certainly simpler than looking at the type of carbohydrate and what you eat with it to monitor blood sugar, but in simplifying it, I think he throws out the good with the bad.   

Another concern with the diet is that it is very high in protein as well as fat, which can be hard on the body over the long term.    ( See the Mayo Clinic website )

If you are interested in checking out the The Belly Fat Cure: Discover the New Carb Swap System and Lose 4 to 9 lb.s Every Week by Jorge Cruise, you can find the book on Amazon and Jorge Cruise's website    You can also find a review of his book on  I encourage you to check out the review before buying the book.

I didn't lose the 4 to 9 pounds that Jorge claims, and I believe that the weight I did lose was more a result of the tightly restricted calorie intake that week than avoiding sugars.  I have since gone back to my normal low refined sugar, whole grain, low fat diet and I feel much better, something very critical to my business.

What are your diet strategies for feeling good?

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