Project Management Consulting

Yes, you can manage that build-out, merge or software implementation yourself.  But it will cost you a lot more. 

  • For every hour that you're spending on the project, you're not doing billable work or bringing in new clients.
  • Plus, you don't routinely manage projects so the process itself will take a lot longer than it would for someone who has years of experience managing projects.
  • An experienced project manager is also a lot more likely to catch potentially costly problems than you are, which also adds to the cost of the project.
  • Not to mention all the headaches of doing something that's not your expertise and frustration when things do go wrong. 

Managing the project yourself could potentially cost you double or more what it would cost to hire a project manager, even including the hourly cost of the project manager.  

For example if your equivalent hourly rate is $100 per hour, but you spend 60+ hours dealing with a project, and the project manager does it in 30 hours, you have lost $3000.00 by managing the project yourself.  For professionals that routinely bill out at $200 per hour or higher, that gap grows significantly.

Most large firms hire or contract project managers full-time to manage their projects.  A smaller firm doesn't have enough projects or cash flow to justify the cost of a full-time project manager, but still has the need. 

EFG consulting does project management consulting, implementation of Project management offices (PMO) and project management process consulting. 

Project Management Services:

  • Project Management (PM) -  Need a project manager for a short term or small project?  Call EFG Consulting.  We manage your project and only bill as much time as the project needs.  If you need someone to be onsite 40 hours a week for six months or a year, call a recruiter.  If you just need help, call us.
  • Training - Do you have project managers already, but they aren't meeting your expectations?  Perhaps your company needs training or coaching.  EFG Consulting provides communications, project management and management and leadership training and coaching.
  •  PM Management Consulting - Do you also need support in creating a successful, reliable process for projects?  EFG Consulting can help you institute new processes, eliminate wasteful processes and refine your existing processes.
  •  Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Portfolio Management - You only have so many resources. EFG Consulting can also help you set up an overall management system for all your existing and future projects to help you maximize your return..

Contact Elisabeth Garbeil at (810) 560-7181 or email her at for a quote on your project.