21st Century Leaders Program "Apprentice" Presentations

This past Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of serving on the  Panel for the "Apprentice" portion of the 21st Century Leaders program sponsored by the Birmingham Community House.  The program runs from September through April and is modeled on the Leadership Oakland program.   3 seventh grade students are nominated by about 10-13 schools in the Birmingham & Bloomfield area to participate in the program.  It was quite an amazing experience.  For this portion of the program, the students were broken into 7 teams to get a crash course in entrepreneurship, culminating in a presentation to request resources.   The Panel was responsible for determining what resources each team would receive based on their presentation and what they requested.  All seven teams were amazing.  We had a wonderful time seeing what products they came up with and how they put together the business cases. I was very impressed.  It was really quite an accomplishment - this four-session process was the first introduction that the majority of the students had had to everything that goes into a business plan -- marketing, operations, product development and finance.  These are not things that are taught in school, for the most part.  Each team was impressive and did very well.  The products were unique and innovative and the presentations were very good.  I had a wonderful time.

George Marsh, Elisabeth Garbeil and Phillip Seaver